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Attention Pet Feedster owners!

A Pet-Proof Attachment is available for Pet Feedster owners with cats. This attachment prevents small greedy paws from picking at the Pet Feedster shoot for extra treats.

Please contact for you attachment.

Thank you!


We were at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida a while back and Welcome Home TV came by to find out more about the Pet Feedster! Take a look!




A while back, Southern New England’s NBC 10 did a segment on the Summer’s hottest new products for pets and look who made it on the list!



We were browsing on Amazon and found a comment that made us smile.

Tim Corder from Austin, TX posted a review of a non-Pet Feedster feeder and wrote, “If the timer were built in, the dispensing mechanism were more robust and insensitive to kibble size, and all the adjustments were digital and easy to tweak, I would have considered a new one. But instead I went with a Pet Feedster, which seems to have addressed all of these deficiencies. I am very happy with that replacement, and the price point is very close, so I suggest looking at it before making your ultimate buying decision.”


Tim, we don’t know you, but tip of the hat to you from CA.

Check out’s review of our Pet Feedster!


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After years of designing and tests, we patented unique technology to make sure that our feeder will NEVER jam.